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The Sims 1 PC Game
Game Description
The Sims 1 PC Game Full VersionThe Sims 1 is about creating, managing, and controlling the lives of tiny computerized people who dwell in miniature homes. The game's wonderful music and sound results, detailed scenery, cleverly animated characters, and equally clever writing go a long way towards fulfilling this intriguing premise. The sport's credit score, essentially the most objectionable factor about these occasional limits is how starkly they contrast with the otherwise great freedom you must lead your sims' lives. Yet although you may exercise a substantial amount of management over your sims' habits and life, The Sims actual gameplay is somewhat restricted in some respects - both by odd inconsistencies or by precise restrictions placed in your actions. 

At a glance, The Sims 1 seems fairly good, if plain. The sport itself takes place entirely inside a small suburb just outdoors SimCity, and the streets, houses, and fixtures are all colorful and detailed - and all in a mode in line with the SimCity games. At first, the totally polygonal characters may look no higher than the scenery. But when you depart them alone for even a few minutes, your sims will do all kinds of things; they'll dance to the radio's music, hunker down in front of the TV, or strike up a conversation. And when your sims start doing something, they'll achieve this with expressive animation that lends them a substantial amount of personality. When the music is playing, sims dance the Charleston together; TV-watching sims will lean ahead and gaze intently on the display screen or chortle out loud; and conversing sims will gesticulate appropriately as they chat, dish out insults, inform jokes, and more.

Even supposing the actual dialogue among the many recreation's inhabitants is made to sound like complete gibberish, The Sims sounds superb overall. You can't make out exactly what they're saying, however you can easily infer their intentions from the tone of their voices. Sims will communicate, then pause and clear their throats while they're pondering of what to say subsequent, yelp in pain when they minimize themselves preparing a meal, or tell naughty limericks as jokes. Sims additionally interact with their surroundings, and every thing from espresso makers to bogs sounds reasonable, clear, and in some cases downright hilarious, like the slapstick noises of the TV cartoons. The Sims 1 music can also be excellent; although much of it consists of vapid simple-listening, these unassuming tunes present a perfect ironic distinction in the background towards whatever havoc your sims are wreaking on heart stage.

Your Sims can get into all types of trouble depending on what decisions you make in their design and actions. You can start the sport with a pre-generated household of sims or create your own utilizing various completely different 3D fashions, more of that are always being made accessible on Maxis' internet site. Every sim has five personality attributes (neat, outgoing, active, playful, and good) which assist decide the sim's persona and the way appropriate he'll be with other sims. Every sim also has six learnable skills (cooking, mechanical, charisma, body, logic, and creativity), which not solely have an effect on the way a sim interacts together with his fellow sims but in addition how properly he could make use of the objects in his house and the way effectively he can carry out his job. There are ten profession paths accessible in The Sims 1; each is greatest served with a sim educated in a particular combination of the six skills. When you find a job in the daily paper or on-line via a pc, your sim might be picked up by a carpool at a certain time every day. Getting a job is advisable, since it's really the one means for your sims to herald a gradual revenue to purchase more stuff.

The Sims System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 95/98/xp
Sound card: Directx 7.0 compatible
Processor: 233 MHz
DirectX: Version 7.0
Memory: 64 MB RAM
Input: Keyboard, Mouse
Hard Drive: 1.4GB
CD-DVD: 4 speeds
Graphics: 2MB

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The Sims 1 Screenshot

The Sims 1 Screenshot

The Sims 1 Screenshot

The Sims 1 Screenshot

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