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The Amazing Spider-Man Ripped
The Amazing Spider-Man Full Ripped ~ Mediafire

The Amazing Spider-Man Game

Game Description:

Platform: PC
Developer: Beenox
Language: English
Sound language: English
Released Date: August 10, 2012
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person
Publisher: Activision Publishing

Go beyond the film to expertise what it is prefer to Spider-Man like by no means before. Set shortly after the events of Columbia Footage' new movie, The Amazing Spider-Man throws New York City's brand new hero again into free-roaming, web-slinging action, as he protects the Huge Apple from a deluge of unimaginable threats. Expertise the brand new Web Rush mechanic as Spidey twists his way through the New York City skyline with unprecedented pace and grace. The sport's unique story also explores stunning indoor environments, as you'll encounter every little thing from skirmishes with on a regular basis road thugs to pulse-pounding confrontations with Spider-Man's most lethal foes.

Apparently, The Amazing Spider-Man is just not so much based upon the upcoming film of the same identify as it is an epilogue to the film's events. It would not spoil much in regards to the plot, focusing totally on a brand new story within the aftermath of the Lizard's Manhattan rampage, but do be warned that there might be minor giveaways. Unless, for some cause, you're laboring underneath the impression that the Lizard defeats Spider-Man on the finish of the movie, there isn't any cause that this recreation will smash your theatrical experience.

The Amazing Spider-Man is a good game, however being chained to the film painfully holds it back. Unable to introduce any iconic villains in any real context, and forced to work off the again of the film's plot, one gets the constant feeling that this sport is restrained and never allowed to be all that it might be. It takes many good things from Arkham, but one side it fails to take advantage of is the deft use of a rogue's gallery. One of many biggest joys of Arkham Asylum and Metropolis was ready to seek out out which villain would turn up next, or which memorable location could be discovered. There is none of that right here, sure as it is by a universe that has only introduced Kurt Connors as a real antagonist. The fact is made much more egregious when one realizes that not a single forged member from the film reveals as much as provide any voice acting -- this might nicely have been its personal thing, and should have been, but needed to bolt itself onto Hollywood in the name of money.

At any charge, The Amazing Spider-Man continues to be a great sport, even when it does really feel like a wasted inventive opportunity. It steals liberally from the Bat, however it does so with a excessive sufficient diploma of skill and magnificence that it can be forgiven. If you've ever played one of the Arkham games and felt that you just'd take pleasure in your self more in blue-and-crimson versus black, then The Amazing Spider-Man will provide you with loads of innocent fun for an excellent few hours. Since that is better than most Spider-Man games have accomplished previously few years, I am happy with it.

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System Requirements

Operating System:
Windows 7 or (Windows® XP (with Service Pack 3) and DirectX® 9.0c) or (Windows Vista® with Service Pack 2)
Video Card:
512 MB 3D hardware accelerator card required – 100% DirectX® 9.0c with Shader Model 3 support.
Minimum: NVidia GeForce 8800 GT / AMD Radeon HD4770
Recommended: Nvidia GeForce 285 GTX / AMD Radeon HD4830
Minimum: Intel Core® 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
Recommended: Intel Core® 2 Quad 2.4 Ghz or AMD Athlon II X4 2.6 Ghz
Minimum: 3 GB of RAM
Recommended: 4 GB of RAM
Hard Drive Space:
8.1 GB of uncompressed hard disk space (Plus 500 MB for swap file)
Sound Card:
DirectX 9.0–compliant sound card

Installation Help:
Run this file in the folder "The Amazing Spider-Man nosTEAM.part1" and your game will be installed. Run The Amazing Spiderman from your Desktop and ???? Yup EnJoYyYyYy !!!

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The Amazing Spider-Man Screenshot

The Amazing Spider-Man Screenshot

The Amazing Spider-Man Screenshot

The Amazing Spider-Man Screenshot

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