The Best Games of the Year You Must Try The game world is now looking forward in 2018 with a row of even tighter titles to keep us entertained through whatever this increasingly depressed world seems ready to throw at us.

Powerful console spaces with powerful Switch Switches combine with fully fledged Xbox One and PS4, and the world of PC and mobile gaming also do not look shabby.


There are a number of great titles that the best games appear and DominoQQ is the best game right now. Here is an entirely arbitrary list of what I call the biggest title of 2018.

Sea of ​​Thieves

It may be a bit of a black horse list, but I love this game every time I see it. This is a strange cooperative MMO that is meant to serve as a kind of soft reboot for Rare, and according to my estimates it serves as Microsoft's best chance to get a truly successful exclusive in 2018 (I'm nervous about Crackdown 3).

Microsoft's exclusive stable has been looking a bit thin lately, especially when you install it in addition to the successful library of PlayStation 4 and now the Nintendo Switch.

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Anthem: Bioware

Anthem: Bioware is in a tight spot right now, especially after the chaos of the Mass Effect: Andromeda.

And EA publishers are in tighter places after the chaos of Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Anthem represents a potential salvage moment for both, but that will be complicated.

This is a third person looter shooter Destiny and a sustainable game-as-service title, with all the risks and rewards required.

God of War

There are many different things about this new game, and not just the settings.

The camera is pulled down, its action a bit slower, and Kratos now has a child following him wherever he goes.

This is a departure, to be sure, but Sony's new outing Santa Monica will definitely be one of the biggest titles this year.


Many game sites mention the best games.

However, if viewed from some point of view only a few that can be said good. Below is the best game with the features you have:

The Last of Us Part 2

You can not defeat Naughty Dog when it comes to linear, single-player titles, and they're back in 2018 with The Last of Us Part 2, which just got out of Uncharted 4's success.

What we've seen from The Last of Us Part 2 has so far been almost surprisingly brutal, and it will be interesting to see how developers handle the darker shifts of improper series like sunlight and lollipop to begin with. However, I've doubted Naughty Dog before, but developers never fail to provide engaging, engrossing memorable experiences from a technical perspective because they are from a story telling perspective.

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Technically, the Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown came out at the end of last year, or it may come months before when BlueBerry started charging $ 29.99 for it in Initial Access, or maybe nobody knows what happened.

Regardless, PUBG emerged as one of the most dominant players in PC gaming in 2017, and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2018. DominoQQ Is what you have to play.

The buggy, bizarre and highly addictive fighting game has started to emit a wave of imitators, but I have not seen game dominance anywhere for a while at least.