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Angry Birds Star Wars Download
Rovio Entertainment, maker of Angry Birds, and Lucasfilm Ltd., the film and manufacturing firm liable for "Star Wars," have partnered on a new Angry Birds game that sends the well-known birds and pigs into the world's most well-known epic space opera. The very thought of these two global entertainment brands coming collectively was controversial when first introduced, with loads of critics suggesting the Star Wars model was somehow being sullied by the affiliation with a mobile recreation sequence that didn't exist 5 years ago. Angry Birds lately made its manner into space, but now, it's taking that venture to a whole new stage within the latest recreation, Angry Birds Star Wars.

For the 1st few levels this seems to be nothing but a straight reskinning of the original Angry Birds, with the newly Star Wars-ified characters. You aim the catapult and fireplace it in exactly the identical method, as usual. The pigs are dressed up as Tusken Raiders and Stormtroopers and the Jenga-like structures they’re sat in sometimes look like moisture vaporators and landspeeders, but the gameplay is equivalent to the very first games. 

Angry Birds Star Wars remains to be an Angry Birds Game, that means you’ll spend your time flinging totally different birds at various pig enemies. There's, nonetheless, a deep Star Wars layer on top of the entire experience. The birds are now modeled after characters from the movies (e.g. the pink one is Luke Skywalker, the black one is Obi Wan Kenobi, etc.) whereas the pigs are actually Stormtroopers and the environments use quite a lot of backgrounds and props modeled after the series. This integration of the Star Wars franchise doesn’t stop right here, as the birds may even use totally different objects, from Luke’s lightsaber, to Obi Wan’s Pressure push, to Han Solo’s blaster (apparently, he shoots first in the recreation).

Angry Birds Star Wars Free Download

Throw in the truth that the levels handle to combine not simply regular ones seen within the first video games within the collection, but in addition the newer house-based ones seen in Angry Birds Space, and the expertise is sort of varied. Whereas flinging Luke and Obi Wan towards the pigtroopers is relatively easy in the first few levels, which are set on Tatooine, things get more complicated in house and aboard the monstrous Pig Star. Those that are really talented can even unlock particular bonus levels that feature birds based mostly on R2-D2 and C-3PO, each with unique powers.

While you’ll spend numerous time with the game, especially if you want to receive three stars on all the phases, you may also opt to purchase a particular Dagobah DLC that feature Yoda and a special lightsaber reward. Moreover the Star Wars theme, the game is much like previous ones, though it really takes benefit of the add-ons that the alliance with the movie sequence offers it, managing to emphasise the position of lightsabers, the Pressure, or the blasters. There are still some traditional annoyances, because the physics system sometimes behaves reasonably unpredictably or the fact that the blasters might not blow as huge of a gap as you hoped by means of the pigs’ defenses, however they’re fairly negligible. 

These aren’t the one word gimmick they first seem either. The lightsabre can be utilized simply to make a quick shortcut, but wield it on the proper moment and it may well deflect laser bolts fired by pigs. Get your timing even better and you can fly by the air, deflect a laser bolt right into the face of one other pig, and nonetheless knock out the part of masonry you had been aiming for within the first place. Gameplay-smart, it's a mixture of all of the previous Angry Birds Birds games up to now, including the fundamental fowl-slinging action of the first three games in the sequence, and the gravity-ruled planetary action of Angry Birds Space.

Angry Birds Star Wars Free DownloadIn Angry Birds Star Wars Gravity remains the weapon of option to crush the evil Pig Empire, but the birds may also faucet into the Pressure to magically transfer objects, swing lightsabers to cut by particles, and volley laser fire to take out multiple pigs at once. These new mechanics match nicely with the series’ effectively-established slingshot gameplay, and are tapped to create quite a lot of technique-intensive ranges which might be among the many most challenging and rewarding I've seen in an Angry Birds Birds game.

An extra 40 levels are available in a 3rd world, if you happen to select to purchase it, however the game also teases an upcoming free update with a fourth world, Hoth. There is additionally a set of bonus ranges starring C-3PO and R2-D2 birds to unlock. The gameplay is acquainted Angry Birds - catapult birds to destroy all the pigs on a level, earning one, two or three stars relying how effectively you do it.

The largest surprise in Angry Birds Star Wars is its faithfulness to Star Wars’ story. The game follows A New Hope’s arc surprisingly well. When Luke Skywalker is introduced, he’s just a farm hen who can’t do much of something aside from ram his face into stable objects. After a couple of levels are completed, he runs into Obi-Wan Kenobi, who presents him with a lightsaber he can use in subsequent levels. Han Solo’s chicken is added after Luke and Obi-Wan travel to the cantina. Luke even dons his X-Wing gear when the Insurgent Alliance assaults the Loss of life "Pig" Star. The only disappointing side of the story: Greedo doesn’t hearth a shot at all. That’s even worse than George Lucas’ alteration to the Particular Edition.

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