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Game Description:

Developer: Team17
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Arcade, Strategy
Worms 3D capabilities similarly to its 2D predecessors. Players control a group of six soldier worms, which is scattered around a 3D environment. In this Game the objective is to use a wealth of various weapons and items to assault an opponent workforce of worms. The primary particular person to eliminate their competitor's wigglies wins the match and likewise earns exaggerated bragging and gloating rights for many days afterward. Or, no less than that is the way it works when we play it.

The very 3D nature of the game has each benefits and drawbacks. The fast pluses are that gamers can now freely move their worms into any route up, down, left, right, forward backward; if one can see a spot then he or she can probably go there. Battlefields seem larger and extra unfold out than ever earlier than and players can place their worms on a number of tiers of architecture, thus adding to the already deep strategic ingredient of the series. Further, a versatile camera system allows the individual attacking to view their worms from the third-person (with a manually rotatable digicam); from the first-particular person, which is integral for precision aiming and targeting and works very properly; and from a panned out blimp view, which is efficient for finding the entire enemy worms on a battle field.

Worms 3D Gameplay:

If you have ever played a game like Worms PC Game or Scorched Earth, then you realize what to expect. For the uninitiated I’ll give a short definition of the game play. You've a group of a number of worms that must destroy all enemy worms before they destroy you, by any means necessary. You may destroy the bottom beneath them, or bomb them with air strikes. Nothing is banned, and there are tons of weapons at your disposal.

You've gotten a couple of modes of play at your disposal. You'll be able to go into a fast match in opposition to the pc and duke it out. Another option is to do the campaign mode which helps you to do some weird and interesting missions, a few of which include avoiding the enemy, and naturally destroying the opposition from a disadvantage. You can also play online with buddies, extra on that later.

Game Graphics:

The graphics in this game are not like anything we’ve ever seen before from the Worms team. Group 17 opted for a full blown 3D engine that actually does a unbelievable job exhibiting off the world the worms stay in. The extent design is completely outrageous and the objects you will encounter within the ranges may be fairly attention-grabbing to use.

Game Sound:

This is where the true enjoyable begins. The voices in this sport are a few of the funniest ever, and so nicely finished too. The voices vary from robotic to Scotsmen, they usually match the personality of the Worm too. You may choose your workforce and the voice, and you'll change it at any time within the game. The voices spout off random nonsense at times and it could possibly lead to some severe laughs. Undoubtedly a great recreation in the event you want a quick cheer up.


Playing Worms 3d online is fun and can result in a number of misplaced sleep. Whereas the battles don’t final very long, it is fairly straightforward to begin over and nonetheless have the need for more. In contrast to most video games where I play one round and then go do one thing else, I typically discovered myself enjoying 5 or so rounds earlier than calling it quits.

Worms 3D System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon 800MHz Processor
32MB OpenGL 1.4 compatible Video Card
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX 9.0a
1.5GB Hard Disk Space

Recommended Requirements:

Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon 1GHz Processor
64MB OpenGL 1.4 compatible Video Card
DirectX compatible 3D Sound Card
DirectX 9.0a
DirectX compatible 16 Button, 4 Axix Game Pad
56Kbps Modem (Internet Play)
Network (LAN Play)

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Worms 3D Full Version

Worms 3D Screenshot

Worms 3D Screenshot

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