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Need For Speed 2 Download
The idea of a sequel to The Need for Velocity should make many folks happy. In any case, who did not benefit from the thrill of racing down a number of the most beautiful stretches of road on this planet - roads made for cool sports automobiles that will fulfill our need for pace, even when that darned state trooper in the Mustang bought within the way.

Yep, Need for Speed II should absolutely be a treat. And with the promise of a quicker three-D engine, programs with 50 percent greater element, customization and performance setups, and quite a lot of other new choices, this could truly be awesome. And it is - in case you have the really helpful Pentium 166. Anything slower forces you to set the decision low (neglect that frazzled medium setting that EA recommends) and perhaps turn off the horizon to get an appropriate frame rate. Even so, the ground textures begin to synchronize at larger speeds, taking away the sensation of velocity on lengthy stretches of open road. It might be that fifty % larger detail comes at some efficiency cost, or maybe that price is the results of creating for Home windows 95 only.

Though each track locale may be guessed by its name - Pacific Spirit, Mediteraneo, The Outback - and they are actually places that you'd need to drive one of these dream machines, they do not appear to be any road on my planet. Sure, you get the twists, turns, peaks, and valleys like you would expect, and naturally there's some embellishment to make them more interesting. However what was actually pleasurable within the original was the stability between surreal and real roads. Many of the roads in NFS II are so outrageous that they appear to belong in Monster Truck Insanity, not a simulation of automobiles with relatively little clearance and stiff suspensions that don't perform so properly over cobblestones and jumps.

Even the vehicles this time round are manner out on the fringes of familiarity. Until you've got been to an auto present lately, you've gotten in all probability never seen any of these machines. Admittedly, they're enjoyable to drive, but none of them are what most of us would think about inside reach, which interferes with what the unique NFS did so properly - present a sense of immersion and the suspension of disbelief.

There are two racing modes to choose from, Arcade and Simulation. The Arcade mode improves handling considerably, but Simulation does not give the right sense of realism. Dealing with any of the cars in Simulation mode can be a harried affair, as the controls are jerky when steering and breaking.

What makes it push in direction of the sim aspect of the spectrum is the various performance of the completely different automobiles and their engine (and horn) sounds. Lacking a true-to-life physics mannequin, nevertheless, makes it very arcade. NFS II is suffering from some of the identical issues that make it tough to call this sequence a driving "simulation." It type of matches snugly between, say, Virgin's Screamer 2 and any of the true racing sims on the market. You can also check Need For Speed 2 PC Cheats.

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How To Play Need for Speed 2?

Keys: Enter, Arrow Keys
File Type: rar, extract and play
Just extract the folder and run NFS2SEN.EXE

NFS 2 System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:

90MHz Pentium® Class processor (Intel®, Cyrix 6×86)
Windows® 95
Direct X 3.0 (included on game CD)
Quad speed CD-ROM drive (600KB/second transfer rate)
Hi Color (65,535) capable 1mb PCI video card with DirectDraw 3.0 compatible driver.
Hard Disk: 10 MB plus space for save games.
(additional space required for DirectX 3.0 installation)
Keyboard and Monitor.
Optional joystick or mouse.
Optional Sound Card with DirectX compatible sound driver.


Pentium® 166 MHz or higher processor
Hard Disk — 70 MB plus space for save games
(additional space required for DirectX 3.0 installation)
Analog joystick, Gravis PC Gamepad, or PC steering wheel
Sound Blaster® 16/32/AWE32 sound card

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Need For Speed 2 Screenshot

Need For Speed 2 Screenshot

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